Rural wellbeing retreat
Emerging from the global pandemic we all have the chance to rise up and restart our lives. We have the opportunity and the challenge to take control of our lives and live them differently.

The Retreat

A wellbeing coaching retreat day in the village of Earl Soham in the Suffolk countryside can provide: the opportunity to step back to find your way forward; and a chance to build your confidence to rise up and restart your life after this tumultuous period.

Sometimes we have to retreat to be able to move forward. Sometimes we need the support of others to help us genuinely rise up and be able to restart our lives.

Our wellbeing retreat days are hosted in our 16th century barn, grounds and woodland areas offering a haven of calm to allow you to genuinely reflect, providing the space to step back and supporting you to find your own way forward.

Suffolk Retreat
Suffolk Retreat

Retreat Days

The retreat days are designed as a day to treat yourself and your team so we offer delicious treats with morning coffee, lunches al fresco surrounded by a 1000 tree woodland, and afternoon teas to celebrate your new found focus.

Women's Group Days

The women’s group retreat days are focused on common themes for groups of women experiencing the same challenges to explore individually and together how to:

  • Search for a better work/life balance
  • Balance nurturing children and relationships with successful careers
  • Hone life and career choices at critical stages
  • Plan ahead for a fulfilling new stage in life
Womens Group - Suffolk Retreat
Corporate Suffolk Retreat

Corporate Retreat Days

The corporate retreat days are focused on professional wellbeing to ensure you protect your wellbeing whilst delivering the highest standards in your work role. They are intended to be for teams of up to 6 to come together and review their wellbeing against the professional standards they adhere to in their work. In effect by prioritizing professional wellbeing you and your team are protecting the quality of your work.

The Coach

Sally Rundell, an experienced wellbeing and leadership coach, leads the days. Sally has developed a range of successful coaching approaches to enable you to take charge of your own wellbeing but is also committed to supporting you to plan actions to move forward in all areas of your life.

Following on from the retreat day, Sally offers an optional programme of individual coaching sessions by phone, zoom and face to face sessions to scaffold your journey to achieving balance in your life.

Sally Rundell