Corporate Wellbeing Days

Why does my team need a Professional Wellbeing Coaching Retreat Day?


  • now is the time to focus on the professional wellbeing of your team as we emerge from the tumultuous life changing events of the pandemic and move forward.
  • you and your team deserve to have a ‘treat day”, you deserve to seek out a working life that combines a focus on the highest expectations and performance with a culture that supports professional wellbeing.
  • you need to legitimize the time to step away from your professional life, to stand back, reflect and make decisions about your future.
  • by committing to a day away from the operational you are taking the first step towards a new strategic focus on performance goals and professional wellbeing.
  • you want the opportunity and the challenge to show your colleagues that you are committed to the professional wellbeing of your team.
Professional Wellbeing Coaching Retreat
Defining professional wellbeing

Defining professional wellbeing

It is important to distinguish between the generic term wellbeing and the term professional wellbeing. A commitment to Professional Wellbeing is at the heart of a successful team and underpins their successful performance. At the start of every corporate wellbeing day Sally will support you and your team to develop your own definition of professional wellbeing, which will drive the day.


Corporate Coaching offers

Themes for professional wellbeing coaching retreat days

Common themes that teams select for overall focus on the professional wellbeing coaching days include:

  • Goal setting for the business combined with professional wellbeing goals
  • Realistic action planning for the future
  • Professional wellbeing strategies for protecting your wellbeing
  • Taking ownership of your own wellbeing at work

Sally will discuss with you the focus for your corporate wellbeing day and tailor the day to your business and your identified needs. Prior to the retreat day she will develop wellbeing wheels bespoke to your business to ensure a genuine focus on professional wellbeing.

Follow up 1:1 coaching sessions for your team

Sally offers optional individual coaching sessions to follow up on the retreat. These sessions can be telephone, Zoom, or face-to-face sessions at Hill Farm Barn and will be between an hour and an hour and a half. Clients usually book between 3 and 6 sessions.

Follow up Retreat days

Some groups relish the idea of meeting again and reviewing progress. This can be a powerful model for developing accountability by committing as a group to coming together, expecting success and having the opportunity to share that success. These are usually half-day sessions.

Costs of Professional Wellbeing Retreat Days

The Retreat Days include morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea and for a team of 6 are charged at £1000 which will include the preliminary meeting to discuss the day and the development of a personalized, to your team, wellbeing wheel.

Costs of Professional Wellbeing 1:1 Coaching

One-hour 1:1 coaching sessions are charged at £100. Clients usually book a set of 3-6 sessions.

Costs of Follow up Retreat Days

Half-day sessions, including lunch, for teams of up to 6 are charged at £600.

Accommodation Locally

If you are travelling some distance why not stay the night before locally.

The Crown Hotel in Framlingham is a medieval coaching inn packed full of character and Colston Hall is a delightful sixteenth century Suffolk armhouse/Hotel.