Sally has had a highly successful, long career in educational leadership roles at national and international level whilst attempting to balance, or at times juggle, the strongest of commitments to herself, her family and her friends.

In the last 5 years Sally has trained as a wellbeing coach and successfully supported hundreds of educational leaders across the country to protect their professional wellbeing and enable them to lead effectively through her Wellbeing in Education Company.

Sally Rundell -  Rise up Restart

Sally draws on her background in psychology and teaching to ensure her coaching support is always based on evidence of successful practice and how we learn most effectively. This has led to the development of tools and a coaching framework ‘Achieving Balance’ to support a developing awareness of wellbeing and the importance of achieving balance in all areas of your life.

A strong belief in the value of honest and open sharing of realities and the benefit of a supportive group being there for one another has underpinned her approach to wellbeing coaching and she has experienced this first hand in her role in developing an international women’s wellbeing coach network.

Her new wellbeing coaching business Rise up Restart offers two forms of Retreat Days: one for corporate teams focused on professional wellbeing and one for groups of women focused on similar stages and points in life. The group approach enables the sharing of contexts and identification of needs for improving the balance in their lives. Sally aims to provide the support to move forward, both individually and collectively, and to scaffold that learning in ways that ensure those who attend do indeed achieve balance in their lives.

After the Retreat individual coaching offers are available and where groups choose, a follow up session is planned to jointly reflect and review the progress everyone has made.

Qualifications and Experience

Raw Horizons
Accredited award in Coach training
Personalised Care Institute Accredited